Donny Osmond Is Coming For You!

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Donny OsmondRecently Fat Candice was given the invitation to perform live inside a local FM radio station for a live broadcast.

Funny enough, because we have a song called “Donny Osmond Will Have His Revenge On Ogden“, the band was announced as being from Ogden, Ut (we aren’t, but we do LOVE Ogden!).

Naturally with such an interesting song title, we get asked a lot of questions about it.

99% of the time when I write a song, the title of the song comes the very last. It is really the crowning piece so to speak… But one day while listening to In Utero by Nirvana, I got the idea for a song concept. In Utero has a song titled “Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle”, and I’ve always really liked that song title. I thought it was an odd combination weird, silly, eerie, and interesting. I also like it a lot when groups have an affinity towards their home town. (To give you a bit of background on Frances Farmer, she was an actress from Washington who was infamously mistreated by mental health doctors.)

Fat Candice KRCL

Liking the title of the Nirvana song so much, I thought it would be fun to write a song that was a play on that title, simultaneously giving tribute to Nirvana and our home state of Utah.

I tried to think, who is probably Utah’s most famous celebrity…? It is likely Donny Osmond! And what made the concept of the song extra amusing to me is that Donny Osmond is the epitome of wholesomeness, delightfulness, and virtually anything that is the opposite of how his is being portrayed in this song (I thought it would be funny to make it about him being megalomaniacal as a perfect for of irony).

Donny Osmand was born in Ogden, Ut, so it’s about him taking his revenge on a city that has under-appreciated his talent. The musical style is also influenced by early Nirvana.

There’s a good chance after reading this, that you are are curious to hear this song. I wanted to give it to you FREE HERE as a thank you for being a subscriber!

If you like the track, you might want to consider downloading our latest album as well =)


-Rob, Fat Candice

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