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“Be a witness to this band and be an early adopter of an engaging local sound—a vintage sound that deserves your attention. It’s time to share Salt Lake City’s best-kept secret with your friends, family, strangers and any stragglers you might find on the street. Bring them to the shows, buy the T-shirts and own this record.” –Russ Holsten, SLUG Magazine.


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As one reviewer put it, Fat Candice “has an interesting mix of a vintage 90’s sound, with a fresh sound of their own. From heavy riffs, to transcendent soundscapes, this group takes you on a listening journey.” In short, if you’re a fan of legendary groups such as The Smashing Pumpkins, Jane’s Addiction, and Soundgarden, Fat Candice is a must have for your collection.

For years Fat Candice’s music has captured the attention of critics and live audiences with their commitment to rock with a hint of sophistication and dynamics.

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